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Disable CRL checking in .NET's machine.config files
ForEach($ver in ("v2.0.50727","v4.0.30319")) {
ForEach($bitsize in ("","64"))
$xml = [xml](Get-Content $env:windir\Microsoft.NET\Framework$bitsize\$ver\CONFIG\Machine.config)
If (!$xml.DocumentElement.SelectSingleNode("runtime")) {
$runtime = $xml.CreateElement("runtime")
$xml.DocumentElement.AppendChild($runtime) | Out-Null
If (!$xml.DocumentElement.SelectSingleNode("runtime/generatePublisherEvidence")) {
$gpe = $xml.CreateElement("generatePublisherEvidence")
$xml.DocumentElement.SelectSingleNode("runtime").AppendChild($gpe) | Out-Null
$xml.DocumentElement.SelectSingleNode("runtime/generatePublisherEvidence").SetAttribute("enabled","false") | Out-Null

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commented Feb 17, 2015

This script can be used in test environments without an internet connection to prevent timeouts when trying to reach certificate revocation lists online. Don't disable this on production systems, it kind of defeats the purpose of SSL entirely.

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