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An example implementation of the org.h2.api.DatabaseEventListener specification.
@Grab(group="com.h2database", module="h2", version="1.4.200")
import org.h2.api.DatabaseEventListener
import java.sql.SQLException
import java.sql.DriverManager
public class ExampleDatabaseEventListener implements DatabaseEventListener {
public void closingDatabase () {
println "closingDatabase: method invoked."
public void exceptionThrown (SQLException sqle, String sql) {
println "exceptionThrown: method invoked; sqle: $sqle, sql: $sql"
public void init (String url) {
println "init: method invoked; url: $url"
public void opened () {
println "opened: method invoked."
public void setProgress (int state, String name, int x, int max) {
println "setProgress: method invoked; state: $state, name: $name, x: $x, max: $max"
// Note the event listener has been added as a parameter in the connection URL below.
def cxn = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:h2:mem:EventListenerInH2DatabaseExampleDB;DB_CLOSE_DELAY=-1;DATABASE_EVENT_LISTENER='ExampleDatabaseEventListener';")
def stm = cxn.createStatement()
def resultSet = stm.executeQuery("SELECT 1+1")
if ( {
println("next: ${resultSet.getInt(1)}")
cxn.close ()
println "...Done!"
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