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Created October 30, 2013 15:56
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Create XenServer USB Install

Installing XenServer 6.2.0 from a USB Stick

  • Download the XenServer 6.2.0 ISO image

  • Format a USB stick using FAT32.

  • Use unetbootin to install the ISO to the USB stick. Use the “DiskImage” option instead of the “Distribution” one, and point it right to the ISO file.

  • Now we need to fix up some boot stuff (All paths are relative to the root of the USB drive)

    • mv boot/isolinux/isolinux.cfg boot/isolinux/syslinux.cfg
    • mv boot/isolinux boot/syslinux
    • mv syslinux.cfg syslinux.cfg.bak
  • Unmount the USB drive and eject it.

  • Boot from the USB stick.

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J2897 commented Nov 4, 2015

My problem was that I used hard drives pulled from a FreeNAS box that were already formatted in an incompatible format as mentioned here. After I wiped the drives (just zeroing the MBR + partition table will do) everything went smoothly...

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdX bs=512 count=1

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bogste commented Nov 15, 2015

I confirm that this strategy also works with XenServer version 6.5.0. Drive boots and installer works as expected.

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On 6.5 I get an error about missing config

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Just use Rufus:


No need to monkey with SYSLINUX.

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smotti commented Apr 14, 2016

Thanks VinceVal!

With Rufus it worked. But with the other approach it didn't even get to the bootloader.

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PERFECT!!! very very thanks.

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And I also confirm that this strategy works with XenServer version 7.0.0.

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Etcher ( Is great and did the trick for me with a troublesome server.

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with YUMI I've tried to create a multiboot usb key, but xenserver 7 doesn't install, I've error:

Failed to load COM32 file mboot.c32

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facinup commented Nov 3, 2017

With YUMI, unlisted ISO (GRUP Partition 4) works.
XenServer 7.0.0

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jrab66 commented Feb 13, 2018

already reinstalling server using rufus v2.18.1213 in my KVM windows 7 machine.

the others alternatives does not work in my case.

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@VinceVal, thanks for your help. The Rufus solution has been worked for me!!!

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Thanks, this helped me create bootdisk for XenServer 7.2

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