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Resize SVG path to 512px height (e.g. for better usage with grunt-webfont)
#! /usr/bin/env node
// Usage: node resize-svg-path <currentHeight> <currentPath>
// E.g.: node resize-svg-path 32 "m0,16c0,-8.83656 7.16345,-16 16,-16c8.83655,0 16,7.16344 16,16c0,8.83656 -7.16345,16 -16,16c-8.83655,0 -16,-7.16344 -16,-16zm30,0c0,-7.73198 -6.26801,-14 -14,-14c-7.73199,0 -14,6.26802 -14,14c0,7.73198 6.26801,14 14,14c7.73199,0 14,-6.26802 14,-14zm-14,-1.41422l-3.53552,-3.53554l-1.41425,1.41422l3.53558,3.53554l-3.53558,3.53554l1.41425,1.41422l3.53552,-3.53554l3.53552,3.53554l1.41425,-1.41422l-3.53558,-3.53554l3.53558,-3.53554l-1.41425,-1.41422l-3.53552,3.53554z"
(function () {
'use strict';
// Read command line arguments
var args = process.argv.slice(2);
var parse = require('parse-svg-path');
var scale = require('scale-svg-path');
var serialize = require('serialize-svg-path');
var path = parse(args[1]);
console.log('\n\n' + serialize(scale(path, 512/args[0])));
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