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Non-working mtgox ruby code
require 'rubygems'
require 'socketIO'
client = SocketIO.connect("") do
before_start do |f|
on_disconnect { p "disconnected"}
on_connect { p "connected" }
on_heartbeat { p "."}
on_message { |msg| p msg }
on_json_message { |json| p json}
on_ack { p "ack"}
on_error { |data| p data }
on_noop { p "noop"}
on_event("message") do |e|
p e
after_start do
emit("op: subscribe", "channel: dbf1dee9-4f2e-4a08-8cb7-748919a71b21")
emit("op: subscribe", "channel: d5f06780-30a8-4a48-a2f8-7ed181b4a13f")
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