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Tim Haines timhaines

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tmeasday / gist:4042603
Last active Oct 12, 2015
Meteor "Join" -- Note that this code is *not* production ready.
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Meteor.publish 'paths', (since) ->
pointHandles = {}
publishPath = (pathId) =>
pointHandles[pathId] = Points.find({pathId: pathId}).observe
added: (obj) =>
@set('points', obj._id, obj)
# these two should never happen
changed: (obj) =>
gotwalt / gist:528586
Created Aug 17, 2010
Posting to twitpic in Ruby using oauth echo
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require "nestful"
require "roauth"
def upload(path_to_file)
twitpic_key = "my_twitpic_api_key"
oauth_url = ""
oauth = {
:access_key => "account_access_key",
:access_secret => "account_access_secret",
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