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Sandbox sample
* Compile the given inlined code to valid javascript,
* wraped into an iframe as execution context
function createSandboxedStatements(args) {
// Save arguments into local constants for further usage and defaults
const code = args.code || "";
const parameters = args.parameters || [];
// Create iframe
sandboxFrame = document.createElement("iframe");
// Update the attributes, no matter if the element is existing or not
sandboxFrame.src = "data:text/html;";
sandboxFrame.sandbox = "allow-scripts allow-same-origin"; = "none";
// Create function with iframe as execution context
const sandboxFunction = new sandboxFrame.contentWindow.Function(
`'use strict'; ${code}`
// Remove iframe from dom
// Dereference iframe
sandboxFrame = null;
// Return wrapped sandbox function
return sandboxFunction;
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