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Welcome to the Puffin Testing Framework. This extensible (and open source!)
functional/regression testing system allows you to test any web application
as though it were a black box.
Written completely in Python, you have but to configure it to your web
application, write your test plans and go, go, go.
NOTE: When you download Puffin, it comes pre-configured to go against the
demo application. To use it for your own web applications, you need to
customize it completely to your application before you can use it to test
your application.
How do you get started? Good question. Take a look in the 'doc' folder.
In it, you will find two documents. Start with
-- GettingStarted.htm
and then move to
-- UsersGuide.htm.
WARNING: The example extensions and example complex test plans are
just that -- EXAMPLES. They will NOT work for your web application
or even the demo at this time. The User's Guide walks you through
creating these for your own web applications step-by-step.
Good luck!
And, hey, give me some feedback if you have some time....
Keyton Weissinger
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