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Last active Jan 15, 2019
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There are several problems with the current patches to implement S3-style versioning

Listings require that we read the entire archive container

  • S3 listings must be ORDERED BY name ASC, timestamp DESC
  • versioned_write's current naming convention ('%03x%s/%s' % (len(name), name, timestamp) imposes an index more like ORDERED BY LENGTH(name) ASC, name ASC, timestamp ASC


  • Use multi-character delimiters to at least get us to ORDERED BY name ASC, timestamp ASC by doing something more like name + delimiter + timestamp where delimiter is some randomly-generated GUID
  • Maybe also start using 10000000000 - timestamp so we get timestamp DESC?
  • Downsides:
    • Gives us still more ways that versioned_writes can behave radically differently depending upon (mutable, runtime!) config. X-Versions-Location vs X-History-Location starts to feel minor by comparison.
    • 10000000000 - timestamp further complicates our Y2286 problem 😛
    • No good way to migrate from one format to the other
  • Questions:
    • How should users specify delimiter? X-History-Location: archive-container/<delimiter>? X-History-Location: archive-container/?delimiter=<delimiter>? X-Versions-Delimiter: <delimiter>? Some other thing?
    • Can we document it sensibly? Looking at as it stands, this new data layout seems like it would be difficult to explain.
    • How much should we worry about users changing delimiters, or trying to turn on delimiter versioning while there's still data from non-delimiter versioning?

When versioning is suspended, all previous (non-null) versions need to be frozen


  • Implement versioning with symlinks. When versioning is enabled, all new data gets written directly to the archive container, and a system symlink (probably with a special content-type, a la the delete marker content type) gets written in the primary container

When an archived version gets restored then archived again, the timestamp baked into its name changes


  • Similar to an existing patch, store some X-Object-Sysmeta-Versioned-Writes-Timestamp header – but do it on initial PUT rather than archive/restore
  • Could act as a flag to identify null version

Need to be able to identify null version for version listings


  • If we have delimiter support, shove another flag in the name, probably at the end
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