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@tirth-aubergine tirth-aubergine/home.dart
Last active Dec 6, 2019

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import 'package:flutter/foundation.dart';
/// Manages state for screens/HomeScreen.dart
class HomeProvider with ChangeNotifier {
// holds the path of selected xlsx file path
String _xlsxFilePath;
// holds the names of tables of selected xlsx file path
Map<String, dynamic> _xlsxFileTables;
// holds the name of selected table from dropdown in screens/home.dart
String _xlsxFileSelectedTable;
String get xlsxFilePath => this._xlsxFilePath;
set xlsxFilePath(String _xlsxFilePath) {
this._xlsxFilePath = _xlsxFilePath;
Map<String, dynamic> get xlsxFileTables => this._xlsxFileTables;
set xlsxFileTables(Map<String, dynamic> _xlsxFileTables) {
this._xlsxFileTables = _xlsxFileTables;
this._xlsxFileSelectedTable = this._xlsxFileTables.keys.first;
String get xlsxFileSelectedTable => this._xlsxFileSelectedTable;
set xlsxFileSelectedTable(String _xlsxFileSelectedTable) {
this._xlsxFileSelectedTable = _xlsxFileSelectedTable;
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