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it appears that the URL(s) in question relate(s) to matters of substantial interest to the public regarding your professional life

Its the opinion of a child, they may be interesting to the public but they are massively subjective and potentially reputationaly damaging. My partner has some of the highest exam grades in the school - this is not subjective, but the results are not published to the web with her name associated to them. She is strict so some of the pupils don't like her despite the results she gets and yet these children can dirty her reputation with a single, anonymous comment.

These URLs appear at the top of google searches for her name. And they were also written a long time ago. How can you allow this to happen to a teacher, a person of the highest integrity who gives everything to her profession for the betterment of society.

I'm massively disappointed in Google, cases like this are the reason why this law was created.

Regards, Tom Maslen.

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