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if ((!document.addEventListener) || (!Array.prototype.indexOf) || (!Array.prototype.forEach) ) {
document.write('<sc' + 'ript src=""></sc' + 'ript>');
<a href="" id="responsive-iframe-98623215" data-static-iframe-height="600">iFrame</a>
<a href="" id="responsive-iframe-12343854" data-static-iframe-height="600">iFrame</a>
<a href="" id="responsive-iframe-96784321" data-static-iframe-height="600">iFrame</a>
<script type="text/javascript">(function () {
var IframeWatcher = function (linkId) {
var iframe_register = [], // append iframe references to this instead of the global object
iframe_1 = new IframeWatcher('responsive-iframe-98623215', iframe_register),
iframe_2 = new IframeWatcher('responsive-iframe-12343854', iframe_register),
iframe_3 = new IframeWatcher('responsive-iframe-96784321', iframe_register);
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