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This string was left out of the translations batch for TypeStatus 2.2.
<!-- Explanation of TypeStatus Plus features. -->
<string>Typing indicators for more apps, along with other goodies.</string>

ramymoh commented Feb 11, 2017

<string>مؤشرات الكتابه لمزيد من التطبيقات، مع مميزات اخرى.</string>

ocko7 commented Feb 11, 2017

Czech translation:

Ukazatele psaní pro jiné aplikace a další vychytávky.

McNight commented Feb 12, 2017

French translation :

<string>Indicateurs de saisie pour d'autres apps avec d'autres suppléments.</string>

Swedish translation:

	<string>Skrivnotiser för fler appar, och annat smått och gott.</string>

blackdeath commented Feb 12, 2017

Romanian here:

<string>Indicatori de scriere pentru mai multe aplicații, împreună cu alte utilități</string>

zenyr commented Feb 13, 2017


	<string>더 많은 앱 등등을 위한 입력 상태 표시.</string>

kalermo commented Feb 14, 2017

Finnish translation :

Kirjoitusilmoitukset muille sovelluksille sekä muuta kivaa.

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