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Convert asciidoc to Github Flavored Markdown
# Adapted from
# Using asciidoctor and pandoc
# Install pandoc and asciidoctor
$ sudo apt install asciidoctor
$ sudo wget
$ sudo dpkg -i pandoc-
# Convert asciidoc to docbook using asciidoctor
$ asciidoctor -b docbook foo.adoc
# foo.xml will be output into the same directory as foo.adoc
# Convert docbook to markdown
$ pandoc -f docbook -t gfm foo.xml -o
# Unicode symbols were mangled in Quick workaround:
$ iconv -t utf-8 foo.xml | pandoc -f docbook -t gfm | iconv -f utf-8 >
# Pandoc inserted hard line breaks at 72 characters. Removed like so:
$ pandoc -f docbook -t gfm --wrap=none # don't wrap lines at all
$ pandoc -f docbook -t gfm --columns=120 # extend line breaks to 120
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