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Reports the names of CPAN distributions installed on the current Perl.
use v5.10;
use strict;
use warnings;
use aliased "Path::Tiny" => "Path";
use aliased "Path::Iterator::Rule";
use aliased "JSON";
my @dists;
my $rule = Rule->new->file->name(".packlist");
for my $inc (@INC)
my $auto = Path->new($inc)->child("auto");
my $iter = $rule->iter($auto);
while (my $f = $iter->())
my $file = Path->new($f);
my $dist = $file->relative($auto);
next unless $dist =~ s{.\.packlist$}{};
$dist =~ s{/}{-}g;
push @dists, $dist;
print JSON->new->pretty(1)->canonical(1)->encode({
distributions => [sort @dists],
perl_version => "$^V",
platform => "$^O",
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