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Created Apr 11, 2017

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EURA NOVA Onboarding Checklist


This is a checklist we use @ EURA NOVA to onboard our freshly hired developers. Depending on the developer's experience and skills, the mentor adapt the checklist accordingly


  • length: 3 months
  • read Welcome Book for development
  • mandatory participation in dev workshops and similar
  • interact with ad-hoc mentor
  • select a project
  • track learning process with checklist

Note: if developer is at a client's, mentor should work for the same client if possible.


  • work with Gitlab
    • development workflow
    • project management workflow
    • CI
    • code review
    • git
  • work with Docker
    • locally
    • on CI
  • work with ad-hoc development environment
    • editor / IDE
    • environment (setup, maintenance, ...)
    • documentation
  • learn good communication practices
    • EURA NOVA communication tools (Knowledge Plaza, Mattermost, Gitlab, Hangouts, BlueJeans, IRL)
    • when to use what?
    • how to communicate efficiently?
  • be able to tackle a problem
  • show teamwork
  • take ownership of solutions / understand the responsibility involved in shipping
  • produce quality work (EURA NOVA standards of quality)
    • use TDD
    • use pair programming
    • use conventions of language/framework/team
    • participate in continuous improvement initiatives (dev workshops, etc.)
  • understand our way of working (roughly agile)

Final objective: allow the person to be active on a project from day 1.

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