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Remote, Office Not Require - summary of points that stood out for me

Remote, Office not Required

1. If I can't see them, how do I know they're working?

(pg 54) People have amazing ability to live down to low expectations, or live up to high expectations. If there are trust issues with employees, then the employer made poor hiring decision. Employer/Employee trust is fundamental.

2. People’s homes are full of distractions

(pg 58) being easily distracted from work could mean the work is not well defined or the task is menial, pointless. Might be a chance that if someone feels like this, others on the team might feel the same.

3. Forward motion

(pg 104) It's a lot easier to feel a part of the team when everyone is in the same room. For remote workers, this can be an issues. Suggestion: weekly status update channel where workers and management give a really brief summary of what they did that week.

4. The work is what matters

(pg 106) evaluating a worker is as simple as what they got done, not when they showed up to the office.

5. Keep the good times going

(pg 151) "...sentiments are infectious, whether good or bad." Hiring a person with a good attitude is important. Also, it's ok to encourage your fellow workers.

6. Great remote workers are simply great workers

(pg 164) "It's a lot harder to fake your way as a remote worker."

7. Level the playing field

(pag 192) "...the annoyance of having every debate end with 'John and I talked about this in the office Yesterday and decided that your idea isn't going to work.' Fuck that." Those in and out of the office need to be treated as equals.

8. One-on-ones

(pg 195) these are very important, should happen regularly, every two months/once a quarter. Manager/Employee feedback should be more than a once-a-year review. Doesn't need to be formal - let talk - I want to know how you think I'm doing. Am I doing well? Do I need to improve? Provides an opportunity for the employee to give the manager feedback on how well the manager is managing.

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