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Clean up/purge unresponsive nodes that count against your license count. Puppet Enterprise 2016.1 2016.2 2016.
require "httparty"
# Unresponsive node cleanup for Puppet Enterprise 2016.2
# When our system scales down, we often have many unresponsive nodes. These
# nodes count towards our overall license count. Future scaling events will
# keep stacking these unused licenses. This is a simple method to purge the
# unresponsive nodes.
# This script can be run periodically on the puppet master to clean up
# unresponsive nodes.
# To access the puppet api from the command line, you'll need to generate an
# access token. In puppet console, create a user who is part of the admin
# group. Follow this to create a token.
# $ puppet-access login --lifetime 0
# Location for Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS
token = `cat /home/ubuntu/.puppetlabs/token`
# query used to determine unresponive nodes (nodes that haven't reported in
# over an hour. using 2 hours.)
query = ["<", "report_timestamp", ( - 7200).utc.iso8601].to_json
url = "http://localhost:8080/pdb/query/v4/nodes?query=#{query}"
response = HTTParty.get(url, headers: {"X-Authentication" => token}, verify: false)
# unresponsvie node certs
certs = response.collect{|x| x["certname"]}
puts "purging old node certs..."
result = false
certs.each do |cert|
# returns true if successfully executed
result = system( "sudo puppet node purge #{cert}")
# if we purged nodes, we'll need to run puppet agent and restart puppet server
if result
puts "run puppet agent..."
system( "sudo puppet agent -t" )
puts "restart puppet server...(this may take a few minutes)"
system( "sudo service pe-puppetserver restart" )
puts "no unresponsive nodes"
puts "done!"

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commented Feb 7, 2017

An older version of this, for earlier versions of Puppet 3, can be found here

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