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Last active Jun 10, 2020
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Pi-star Notes: FCS YSF Wire-x room numbering C4FM reflectors

Pi-Star Notes

General information about rooms

Networks and "rooms"

There are basically three different networks. YSF, FCS, and the Wires-X Network. The Wires-X network is Yaesu's own network and you need their hardware to access it (or a local repeater that's connected to it). YSF and FCS are open.

They all serve essentially the same service - provide reflector services to various rooms. But they are still different services. So you won't find the same rooms on all of them unless someone has setup a bridge between them. For example, America Link is a Wires-X Network room, but it's also bridged to FCS003-90 (and I think FCS002-90 if I recall correctly). So you can indirectly access that Wires-X Network room by using the FCS reflector.

Wires-X can also be used to refer to the communication protocol between the radio and the gateway. This protocol is what allows you to do things like search which rooms are available, change rooms, etc. However, when you talk, you're back to using C4FM voice. When using the pi-star, connecting with the Wires-X protocol is optional as long as you want to use whatever the default room is that it connected to and do your room changes via the web interface.

YSF Reflector "room numbers" can be found here:

FCS Reflector "room numbers" via DTMF can be found here:

Setup own reflector/room

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