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undefinedを埋めてく感じでシンセ毎に機能を作っていく感じになるはず ただし事実上フレーズの多相化みたいな事は難しいっぽい。
{-# LANGUAGE FlexibleInstances #-}
module Main where
import Sound.Arare.ArareDSL
data SinOscillator
instance NoteController SinOscillator where
noteOn = undefined
noteOff = undefined
instance MonadNoteController (ArareSequencer SinOscillator) where
getNoteLength = undefined
putNoteLength = undefined
getNoteVelocity = undefined
putNoteVelocity = undefined
instance DslNoteController (NoteLength -> NoteVelocity -> ArareSequencer SinOscillator ()) where
c l v = makeNote (Just l) (Just v) NoteC
cs l v = makeNote (Just l) (Just v) NoteCS
d l v = makeNote (Just l) (Just v) NoteD
ds l v = makeNote (Just l) (Just v) NoteDS
e l v = makeNote (Just l) (Just v) NoteE
f l v = makeNote (Just l) (Just v) NoteF
fs l v = makeNote (Just l) (Just v) NoteFS
g l v = makeNote (Just l) (Just v) NoteG
gs l v = makeNote (Just l) (Just v) NoteGS
a l v = makeNote (Just l) (Just v) NoteA
as l v = makeNote (Just l) (Just v) NoteAS
b l v = makeNote (Just l) (Just v) NoteB
instance DslNoteController (NoteLength -> ArareSequencer SinOscillator ()) where
c l = makeNote (Just l) Nothing NoteC
cs l = makeNote (Just l) Nothing NoteCS
d l = makeNote (Just l) Nothing NoteD
ds l = makeNote (Just l) Nothing NoteDS
e l = makeNote (Just l) Nothing NoteE
f l = makeNote (Just l) Nothing NoteF
fs l = makeNote (Just l) Nothing NoteFS
g l = makeNote (Just l) Nothing NoteG
gs l = makeNote (Just l) Nothing NoteGS
a l = makeNote (Just l) Nothing NoteA
as l = makeNote (Just l) Nothing NoteAS
b l = makeNote (Just l) Nothing NoteB
instance DslNoteController (ArareSequencer SinOscillator ()) where
c = makeNote Nothing Nothing NoteC
cs = makeNote Nothing Nothing NoteCS
d = makeNote Nothing Nothing NoteD
ds = makeNote Nothing Nothing NoteDS
e = makeNote Nothing Nothing NoteE
f = makeNote Nothing Nothing NoteF
fs = makeNote Nothing Nothing NoteFS
g = makeNote Nothing Nothing NoteG
gs = makeNote Nothing Nothing NoteGS
a = makeNote Nothing Nothing NoteA
as = makeNote Nothing Nothing NoteAS
b = makeNote Nothing Nothing NoteB
test :: ArareSequencer SinOscillator ()
test = do
-- さ〜い〜た〜さ〜い〜た〜
c .> d .> e l2 .> c .> d .> e l2
-- ちゅ〜りっぷ〜の〜は〜な〜が〜
g .> e .> d .> c .> d .> e .> d l2
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