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This gist explains how to send push notification locally using ADB without need network connection.


  • Device should be a rooted (simulator’s are rooted by default)

  • adbd should be started as root. (Rub command: adb root )

Now, send local push message using command:

adb shell am broadcast \
  -n \
  -a "" \
  --es "extra1" "65" \
  --es "guid" "1f400184-9215-479c-b19a-a9cd9a1d9dc9" \
  --es "extra3" "VALUE" \
  --es "extra4" "'Long string with spaces'"

What’s happening?

  • Simply, using adb we are broadcasting message with parameters.

  • adb shell am broadcast command that broadcasts.

  • -n parameter for define component (see IntentSpec@ADB Documentation)

  • We are broadcasting for, because we are using Firebase Messaging Service

  • We are sending action -a because FirebaseInstanceIdReceiver defines this in AndroidManifest.xml file.

    • Also, this is why we need to be root. This action requires Signature level permission.

  • We are adding extras with --es parameter.

Now, we can get data in onMessageReceived under the FirebaseMessagingService. When user taps notification remoteMessage.getData().get("extra1") should be return "65".

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