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@tomaes tomaes/mem20.bas
Last active Oct 30, 2016

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Short (eh) memory card game for the standard VIC20 (should work on all the 8-bit Commodore machines, I think...)
0 fori=.to7step2:m(i)=i+2:m(i+1)=i+2:next:r=1
1 forj=.to9:fori=.to7:a=int(rnd(.)*8):h=m(i):m(i)=m(a):m(a)=h:nexti,j
2 print"#:"r:fori=.to7:printi;chr$(63+(m(i)<0)):next
3 r=r+1:input"cards";a,b:if(a=b)or((m(a)orm(b))<0)goto3
5 printchr$(13)m(a)m(b)chr$(13):ifm(a)=m(b)thenm(a)=-m(a):m(b)=-m(b)
8 s=.:fori=.to7:s=s+m(i):next:if(s>-40)goto2
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