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Campaign Development Tasks

These are some of the things you might do each day working as our Campaign Developer at Raisely. Tell us out of this list two things you are excited about, two things you want to learn how to do and two you don't want to do.

  • Customising one of our pre-built themes to suit a customer's brand and campaign
  • Building a special kind of campaign leaderboard as a component in React
  • Brainstorming how to add a unique campaign requirement into Raisely, with only a day to complete it
  • Integrating Raisely to Salesforce, via Zapier
  • Building a suite of Google Cloud Functions in Node to send automatic e-cards to donors
  • Helping a customer create a rapid-response campaign to a current crisis, on a tight deadline
  • Looking at data (SQL or spreadsheets) to figure out the A/B test to set up in Google Optimize
  • Running a scoping call with a customer to figure out all the details about their campaign
  • Running a SQL report to find which customers you should check-in with
  • Building a custom theme on Raisely, with your own SASS styles and javascript components
  • Project managing the set-up of a new large campaign on Raisely, keeping it on time and budget
  • Running a training call with one of our customers
  • Creating a complex, multi-step signup form using Create React App, Stripe payments and our API
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