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Last active Oct 17, 2018

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[WordPress] An Alternative to the WordPress template_redirect Hook
add_action('plugins_loaded', __NAMESPACE__ . '\\acmeCopyTemplates');
* Copies the template files from the `assets/templates` directory to the root directory
* of the currently active theme (if they do not already exist).
function acmeCopyTemplates()
// Find the currently active theme.
$activeThemeDir = get_template_directory();
* Read all of the template files from assets/templates into an array but
* exclude the '.' and the '..' from the array.
$templates = array_slice(scandir(dirname(__FILE__).'/assets/templates'), 2);
* Now copy all of these files to the active theme directory.
* If the file already exists, then don't do it.
foreach ($templates as $template) {
if (!file_exists($destination = trailingslashit($activeThemeDir).$template)) {
$source = dirname(__FILE__).'/assets/templates/'.$template;
$destination = trailingslashit($activeThemeDir).$template;
copy($source, $destination);
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