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@tommcfarlin tommcfarlin/00-request.php Secret
Created Oct 31, 2018

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[PHP] Retrieving Namespaced Properties
// Setup the XML to connect to the API endpoint.
$namespaceExampleGetIDs = [
'Version' => $this->version,
'ApiKey' => $this->getPrivateKey(),
'acmePasscode' => $this->getPasscode(),
'Call' => [
'_attributes' => ['Method' => 'Namesepace.Example.GetIDs'],
'Date' => $this->getTimestamp(),
$xml = ArrayToXml::convert($namespaceExampleGetIDs, 'Acme', false);
// Now make a request to the server.
$response = $this->makePostRequest($xml);
$xmlResponse = new SimpleXMLElement($response->getBody()->getContents());
// Iterate through all of the event IDs to get the information about them.
$events = [];
foreach ($xmlResponse->{'Namesepace.Example.GetIDs'}->EventID as $eventId) {
// Work with the $eventId however necessary...
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