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Create Pivotal Tracker ticket from Help Scout conversation (bookmarklet)
// Install:
// Add your own Pivotal Tracker API token and project ID into the code below
// Optionally (if you've added Help Scout as an external integration) fill in the integration ID - you can see this in the URL
// when you edit the Help Scout integration in Pivotal.
// Then copy the code into a new bookmark
// To use:
// When you are viewing a Help Scout conversation select the text you want to appear as the Pivotal Tracker story (optional - if you
// don't do this the story will be "See"). Then click the bookmarklet and a new
// story will be created in Pivotal. The response from Pivotal will be shown in a small window in the top right of the Help Scout page.
javascript:(function() {
var API_TOKEN = "1234....";
var PROJECT_ID = "1234...";
var messageId = window.location.href.split("/conversation/")[1];
var subject = $("#subject").text();
var body = window.getSelection().toString() || "See: " + window.location.href;
var target = $("<iframe name='PT-INTEGRATION' height='50' width='200'>");
target.css({ position: "absolute", top: "0", right: "0", backgroundColor: "#fff" });
var form = $("<form method='POST' target='PT-INTEGRATION'>").attr("action", "" + PROJECT_ID + "/stories");
var token = $("<input name='token'>").val(API_TOKEN);
var name = $("<input name='story[name]' value=''>").val(subject);
var desc = $("<input name='story[description]'>").val(body);
form.append(token, name, desc);
var eid = $("<input name='story[external_id]'>").val(messageId);
var iid = $("<input name='story[integration_id]'>").val(INTEGRATION_ID);
form.append(eid, iid);
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