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* local max_color_component_value = 255
* local quantum = max_color_component_value / 5
* r = quantum * math.floor((r + (quantum / 2)) / quantum)
* g = quantum * math.floor((g + (quantum / 2)) / quantum)
* b = quantum * math.floor((b + (quantum / 2)) / quantum)
* index = (R’*36 + G’*6 + B’) / quantum
private static final int[] WEB_PALETTE = new int[] {
0x000000, 0x000033, 0x000066, 0x000099, 0x0000CC, 0x0000FF,
0x003300, 0x003333, 0x003366, 0x003399, 0x0033CC, 0x0033FF,
0x006600, 0x006633, 0x006666, 0x006699, 0x0066CC, 0x0066FF,
0x009900, 0x009933, 0x009966, 0x009999, 0x0099CC, 0x0099FF,
0x00CC00, 0x00CC33, 0x00CC66, 0x00CC99, 0x00CCCC, 0x00CCFF,
0x00FF00, 0x00FF33, 0x00FF66, 0x00FF99, 0x00FFCC, 0x00FFFF,
0x330000, 0x330033, 0x330066, 0x330099, 0x3300CC, 0x3300FF,
0x333300, 0x333333, 0x333366, 0x333399, 0x3333CC, 0x3333FF,
0x336600, 0x336633, 0x336666, 0x336699, 0x3366CC, 0x3366FF,
0x339900, 0x339933, 0x339966, 0x339999, 0x3399CC, 0x3399FF,
0x33CC00, 0x33CC33, 0x33CC66, 0x33CC99, 0x33CCCC, 0x33CCFF,
0x33FF00, 0x33FF33, 0x33FF66, 0x33FF99, 0x33FFCC, 0x33FFFF,
0x660000, 0x660033, 0x660066, 0x660099, 0x6600CC, 0x6600FF,
0x663300, 0x663333, 0x663366, 0x663399, 0x6633CC, 0x6633FF,
0x666600, 0x666633, 0x666666, 0x666699, 0x6666CC, 0x6666FF,
0x669900, 0x669933, 0x669966, 0x669999, 0x6699CC, 0x6699FF,
0x66CC00, 0x66CC33, 0x66CC66, 0x66CC99, 0x66CCCC, 0x66CCFF,
0x66FF00, 0x66FF33, 0x66FF66, 0x66FF99, 0x66FFCC, 0x66FFFF,
0x990000, 0x990033, 0x990066, 0x990099, 0x9900CC, 0x9900FF,
0x993300, 0x993333, 0x993366, 0x993399, 0x9933CC, 0x9933FF,
0x996600, 0x996633, 0x996666, 0x996699, 0x9966CC, 0x9966FF,
0x999900, 0x999933, 0x999966, 0x999999, 0x9999CC, 0x9999FF,
0x99CC00, 0x99CC33, 0x99CC66, 0x99CC99, 0x99CCCC, 0x99CCFF,
0x99FF00, 0x99FF33, 0x99FF66, 0x99FF99, 0x99FFCC, 0x99FFFF,
0xCC0000, 0xCC0033, 0xCC0066, 0xCC0099, 0xCC00CC, 0xCC00FF,
0xCC3300, 0xCC3333, 0xCC3366, 0xCC3399, 0xCC33CC, 0xCC33FF,
0xCC6600, 0xCC6633, 0xCC6666, 0xCC6699, 0xCC66CC, 0xCC66FF,
0xCC9900, 0xCC9933, 0xCC9966, 0xCC9999, 0xCC99CC, 0xCC99FF,
0xCCCC00, 0xCCCC33, 0xCCCC66, 0xCCCC99, 0xCCCCCC, 0xCCCCFF,
0xCCFF00, 0xCCFF33, 0xCCFF66, 0xCCFF99, 0xCCFFCC, 0xCCFFFF,
0xFF0000, 0xFF0033, 0xFF0066, 0xFF0099, 0xFF00CC, 0xFF00FF,
0xFF3300, 0xFF3333, 0xFF3366, 0xFF3399, 0xFF33CC, 0xFF33FF,
0xFF6600, 0xFF6633, 0xFF6666, 0xFF6699, 0xFF66CC, 0xFF66FF,
0xFF9900, 0xFF9933, 0xFF9966, 0xFF9999, 0xFF99CC, 0xFF99FF,
0xFFCC00, 0xFFCC33, 0xFFCC66, 0xFFCC99, 0xFFCCCC, 0xFFCCFF,
0xFFFF00, 0xFFFF33, 0xFFFF66, 0xFFFF99, 0xFFFFCC, 0xFFFFFF
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