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Last active February 9, 2022 07:00
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THE CLUSTER — a meditation in service-mesh

Feb 8, 2022

¶ #kata #service-mesh


service-mesh architecture for normies




Windows 10

Initially based on Debloat Windows 10 by W4RH4WK.

# Replace 'F:' with drive letter assigned to GENOME
diskpart /s F:\@differentiate@\reassign.host00.diskpart
diskpart /s A:\@differentiate@\rejuvenate.diskpart
xcopy A:\@differentiate@ D:\@differentiate@ /B # ...
# [...coming soon...]


Make Progress. Choose one of the valid paths.

Repetition teaches. Repetition is practice. Repetition is meditative.

Maximum effort.

Explore the limits of • containerize all the things, • greatest common factor DX, and • minimum and modular.

C.O.T.S. — avoid customization except for the special sauce; work within the grain.

Erase non-data; you ain't gonna need it.

Automate humanely; scrutable & user servicable.

Default deny.

Allow george.

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