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@torgeir torgeir/compile.cljs
Last active Mar 9, 2019

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Using clojurescript to compile clojurescript
(ns example.core
(:require [cljs.js :as cjs]
[cljs.analyzer :as ana :include-macros true]
[cljs.reader :as r]
[cljs.pprint :as pprint]))
(let [src "(ns t.math)
(defn increase [n] (inc n))"
opts {:eval cjs/js-eval
:verbose false}]
(cjs/compile-str (cjs/empty-state)
"the compilation"
(fn [{:keys [value]}]
(prn value)
(js/eval value))))
;; "goog.provide('t.math');\ngoog.require('cljs.core');\nt.math.increase = (function t$math$increase(n){\nreturn (n + (1));\n});\n"
;; t.math.increase(1)
;; => 2
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