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Last active May 8, 2019
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Kubernetes New Comers

Kubernetes New Comers

Folks new to kubernetes and wanting to contribute to the open source project frequently ask "what should I do". Here is my general advice:

  1. If you have an area of interest/experience/passion, look for a match in the SIG list, engage in a SIG or WG or two via their regular meetings, slack channel, mailing lists, etc. Watch what they’re up to, see where your intents and needs match theirs, and contribute to those where you’re capable.
  2. Consider looking at the overarching topics, like docs / contributor experience / release, as areas to get a broad view of the project and perhaps find contribution possibilities.
  3. Don't aim to boil the ocean with huge initial contributions. Look for basic "chopping wood" and "carrying water" areas to get some initial orientation and make notable contributions to the overall community and project health. You don't yet know what you don't know, so be humble, expect to make mistakes, and expect to learn a lot.

There’s also “help wanted” and “good first issue” labels in github. Especially if you look across the org there are MANY of these eg:

Kubernetes has a "membership ladder", which for your initial engagement means issues can't be assigned to you. Leave a comment in the issue indicating your desire to contribute on it. Ask a SIG lead or other relevant SIG member for guidance or mentoring on the issue. Regularly update status in comments on the issue if your progress on it is taking some time, so that people understand it is being actively worked.

A detailed contributor guide contains a tonne more information to get you contributing.

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