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Archived tweets by Jared Glen Vansandt

Archived tweets by Jared Glen Vansandt


According to Middleton's reporting, Vansandt claims that the tweet screenshots in the Twitter thread were faked, so I've collected links to Wayback Machine snapshots. These lists are automatically generated and may not be complete.

Vansandt also used several other Twitter screen names that don't have much archived content:

  • pauIaIIen123456 (1481373751069528069)
  • paulallen123456 (1481373751069528069)
  • patbateman90 (780719689)
  • abercrombieteen (780719689)

All of Vansandt's accounts except the most recent have been suspended by Twitter. His most recent account is currently self-deactivated, but this ID link will point to it if he reactivates (even if he changes the screen name again).

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