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Last active Aug 1, 2021
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Why goddamn it
(setq-default tab-width 2)
(use-package evil
:ensure t
(setq evil-want-keybinding nil)
(setq evil-shift-width tab-width)
(evil-mode 1))
(defun fucking-web-mode()
"Web-mode doesn't respect emac's own settings as a fucking default"
(setq web-mode-markup-indent-offset tab-width)
(setq web-mode-css-indent-offset tab-width)
(setq web-mode-code-indent-offset tab-width)
(setq web-mode-style-padding tab-width)
(setq web-mode-script-padding tab-width))
(use-package web-mode
:ensure t
("\\.html\\'" . web-mode)
("\\[^js].liquid\\'" . web-mode)
("\\[^s?css].liquid\\'" . web-mode)
("\\.svelte\\'" . web-mode)
(web-mode . fucking-web-mode))
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