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Possible asyncListener API for Node.
// Class that will store information about a specific request.
function Domain() { }
// This will be called every time asynchronous work is queued.
// The returned data will propagate to the callbackObject's callbacks.
// If no callbackObject is passed to asyncListener then the return value
// will be discarded.
// The context (i.e. "this") of the calling method will be passed as the
// first argument.
function onAsync(context) {
return new Domain();
// Set of methods that will run at specific points in time according to
// their cooresponding callbacks. These methods are always run FIFO if
// multiple are queued.
var callbackObject = {
before: function asyncBefore(domain) {
after: function asyncAfter(domain) {
// If this callback returns "true" then the error handler will assume
// the error was properly handled, and process will continue normally.
// If multiple error handlers are queued, and any one of those returns
// true, then Node will assume the error was properly handled.
error: function asyncError(err, domain) {
// Useful to cleanup any resources.
done: function asyncDone(domain) {
* process.addAsyncListener([callback][, object]);
* Arguments:
* callback - Function that will be run when an asynchronous job is
* queued. The "context" argument is the "this" of the function
* where the callback is being queued (e.g. EventEmitter instance).
* Though this will not do much for callbacks passed to
* process.nextTick(), since there's no associated context.
* object - Object with the optional callbacks set on:
* before - Callback called just before the asynchronous callback
* will be called. Passed will be any data that was returned
* from the associated callback event. If no callback was
* passed, then no data is sent.
* after - Callback called directly after the asynchronous callback.
* Also passed is the data returned from the corresponding
* callback event.
* error - Callback called if there was an error. Arguments are the
* Error object, and data.
* done - Called when no other possible asynchronous callbacks could
* be queued.
* The returned key is an Object that serves as the unique key for the
* call (much like how Timers work).
var key = process.addAsyncListener(onAsync, callbackObject);
* process.removeAsyncListener(key);
* Remove any async listeners and associated callbackObjects. All
* listeners will live independent of each other, and there will be no
* method given to clear all async listeners.

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balupton commented Jan 18, 2014

Not sure if it is related, but I've accomplished something perhaps similar here:

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