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Auto-restart Nodejs server and notify Airbrake
// Auto-restart Nodejs server a few times so a random error doesn't kill everything
var forever = require('forever-monitor');
// set up airbrake for notifications when the server dies
var airbrake = require('airbrake').createClient("CLIENT_ID");
var server = new (forever.Monitor)('server.js', {
max: 5,
silent: false,
options: []
server.on('exit', function () {
console.log("server.js fully down after 5 starts.");
console.log("SERVER DOWN.");
airbrake.notify(new Error("SERVER DOWN: Forever restarts exhausted"), function(err, url) {
// Throw an error if Airbrake delivery failed - server is dead anyway
if (err) throw err;
// Error has been delivered, url links to the error in airbrake
console.log("Airbrake: Notified service:", url);
server.on('exit:code', function(code) {
console.log("server.js exited.");
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