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Created April 15, 2015 17:54
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Spark Core code to control RF remote
// name the pins
int unlockPin = D2;
int lockPin = D3;
int lockState = 0;
// Send the unlock code
int unlock(String lockNumber) {
digitalWrite(unlockPin, HIGH);
digitalWrite(unlockPin, LOW);
lockState = 1;
int lock(String lockNumber) {
digitalWrite(lockPin, HIGH);
digitalWrite(lockPin, LOW);
lockState = 0;
// This routine runs only once upon reset
void setup()
pinMode(unlockPin, OUTPUT);
pinMode(lockPin, OUTPUT);
// Initialize both the LEDs to be OFF
digitalWrite(unlockPin, LOW);
digitalWrite(lockPin, LOW);
// Associate the Spark functions and variables
Spark.variable("lockState", &lockState, INT);
Spark.function("unlock", unlock);
Spark.function("lock", lock);
void loop() {}
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