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Agreement between FARKAS, HackForSweden, Tristan Farkas and end-user/developer.
1. The Agreement
By signing this agreement you grant FARKAS, HackForSweden and Tristan Farkas to use/modify/copy/alter/remove this code/asset included in the PR now or later and in any future PR.
You'll also agree that you submit the code/art with good intentions, if any Backdoors, or similar is found (something that can hurt HackForSweden, Tristan Farkas, FARKAS), you'll be permanently banned from the contribution programme and your license to use our code and assets will be revoked.
In return for following this agreement you may later after helpful contributions become a core contributor, allowing you to instantly commit code, and much more.
2. Modification
This agreement may at any time be modified, without any prior notification.
This agreement became acting CLA 1/27/2018
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