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Begins recording media into one or more Blob objects
The MediaRecorder method start(), which is part of the MediaStream Recording API,
begins recording media into one or more Blob objects.
You can record the entire duration of the media into a single Blob (or until you call requestData()),
or you can specify the number of milliseconds to record at a time.
Then, each time that amount of media has been recorded, an event will be delivered to let you act upon the recorded media,
while a new Blob is created to record the next slice of the media
startRecording(id) {
var self = this;
1800000 is the number of milliseconds to record into each Blob.
If this parameter isn't included, the entire media duration is recorded into a single Blob unless the requestData()
method is called to obtain the Blob and trigger the creation of a new Blob into which the media continues to be recorded.
PLEASE NOTE YOU CAN CHANGE THIS PARAM OF 1800000 but the size should be greater then or equal to 5MB.
As for multipart upload the minimum breakdown of the file should be 5MB
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