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Katrina Scialdone tripl3dogdare

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tripl3dogdare / Gemfile
Last active Jun 22, 2019
AutoLeaf v0.0.2-ALPHA
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source ''
gem 'discordrb', git: ''
gem 'hash_dot'
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var canvas, board, score
function initGame() {
let canvasElem = document.getElementById("game")
canvas = canvasElem.getContext('2d')
canvasElem.setAttribute('height', 640)
canvasElem.setAttribute('width', 640)
setInterval(() => { = Math.min(Math.max(window.innerWidth/1.5, 260), Math.max(window.innerHeight/1.5, 360)) + "px"
tripl3dogdare /
Last active Jul 15, 2018
Nevada Programming Language

This is a project I did a long time ago, on a road trip through Nevada. I wrote the code for this interpreter by hand in a tiny dollar store notebook with a pencil. The goal was to create an esoteric language that could be interpreted in as few LOC as possible, as few characters as possible, and still be as useful as possible. I gave myself half an hour to complete the task, and thus, Nevada was born.

  • Total LOC: 23
  • Total characters: 593 (not including trailing newline)
  • Total effectiveness: Yeah, don't bother trying to use this in production. It technically works though!
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I highly recommend viewing this on, so you can play the game instead of just seeing the code =)
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Last active Oct 12, 2021
Random dungeon generator in Python
import random, math
# === Data === #
# Unminified, each string is a 3x3 grid of corridors and walls.
# I've set up 15 rooms, totalling all combinations of walls/corridors without corridors in the corners.
room_templates = [
" ■ ■ ■ ",
" ■■■ ",
" ■■ ■ ",