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Testing the Project

The preferred targets for Kha development are Flash and HTML5. Debugging functionality and test iteration times are best on these targets. For these targets you may use either your web browser or the standalone Flash Projector.

For a Windows build the most straightforward option is Visual Studio. khabuild will try to autodetect the version you are running and generate a VS solution file for you. Then open the solution in the IDE, select Debug or Release and do debugging and profiling from within VS.

Publishing the Project

You are ready to show your game to somebody, but you need to get it running on their device. This section will depend on your target, but Kha has kept the process simple.

Robert summarizes:

For some targets (Windows, Linux,...) you put the executable in the windows/linux/... directory, for other targets (Android, iOS, OSX,...) the IDE does everything for you.

No target has any additional dependencies.


The result is stored in "build/flash" as "kha.swf". Choose your distribution type:

  • Multi-file distribution: This is the default build mode. The entire folder, including "Assets", must be uploaded as Kha will load these assets at runtime.
  • Single-file distribution: Use the option --addallassets in khabuild.

After deciding on multi-file or single file:

  1. Upload either kha.swf or the whole directory to your hosting.
  2. You must provide your own web page for Flash embedding.


The result is stored in "build/html5".

  1. Upload the directory to a web host and point your users at the appropriate URL.
  2. The build is complete.


The result is stored in the appropriate platform target, e.g. "build/windows" for example.

  1. Copy the executable from "windows-build/Release" to "build/windows".
  2. Package "build/windows" as suits you and send the result to your users.
  3. The build is complete.
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