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Using Node.js to create simple build tools. In this case, 'concat.js' which concatenates JS files (or, really any text files).
var fs = require('fs');
var os = require('os');
var program = require('commander');
var importList = [];
//Options -- also sets up automatic --help message/usage info
.option('-f, --filelist [txtfile]', 'use an input file with a comma separated list of files to concat')
.option('-s, --files [files]', 'specify the files to concat in the option')
.option('-d, --dest [dest]', 'the destination file')
//does the actual concatenating work
function concat(list, destPath) {
var out ={
var current = filePath.trim();
return fs.readFileSync(current);
fs.writeFileSync(destPath, out.join(os.EOL));
console.log(' '+ destPath +' built.');
// do we need to display the help?
if (!program.filelist && !program.files || !program.dest) {; // exits automatically
// the js files are listed in a text file
if (program.filelist) {
var string = fs.readFileSync(program.filelist).toString();
//TODO replace EOL's with ',' so that either could be used.
importList = string.split(',');
// there are js files on the command line.
if (program.files) {
var list = program.files.split(',');
// supports both a list file and command line, but list file goes first.
importList = importList.concat(list);
// go.
concat(importList, program.dest.trim());
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tripleshotsw commented Feb 11, 2013

You'll need commander:
$ npm install commander

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