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Last active Dec 22, 2015
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YUI 3.13.0 Beta Change History Rollup

YUI 3.13.0 Beta 1 Change History Rollup

DataTable Change History

  • Added 'contentUpdate' after the DataTable has been updated when triggered from a dataChange event. [Pull Request #1072][Issue #1052]

  • Fix issue where recursive nesting of objects was cloned infinitely [Pull Request #1008][Ticket #915]

  • Fix issue where Paginator count becomes out of sync with DataTable when DataTable data is modified (added or removed) [Pull Request #1011] [Issue #1010]

Rich Text Editor Change History

  • Editor is able to work in two modes - as an Inline Editor or using an iframe. For that reason, some internal changes have been made:

    Y.Frame is now a plugin and extends Y.Plugin.Base.

    There is a new Plugin, called ContentEditable. This plugin allows editor to work without using an iframe, as an inline editor.

    If a container is not specified, EditorBase creates and plugs an instance of Y.Frame. Otherwise, it uses the provided container (ContentEditable)

    Added Y.InlineEditor which extends EditorBase and plugs ContentEditable during the initialization process.

    [Ticket #1041] [ipeychev]

History Change History

  • Fixed a possible exception in HistoryHTML5._init() in IE10. [Ariel Schiavoni]

  • Fixed issue with parseHash not parsing blank values in hash string. (#1116: @blzaugg)

ScrollInfo Node Plugin Change History

  • Fixed getOffscreenNodes() and getOnscreenNodes() even harder (they could still return incorrect information in certain cases). [Ryan Grove]

Widget Change History

  • Removed widget-locale module.
  • Improved support for single-box widgets (BB === CB) by defaulting boundingBox to srcNode if CONTENT_TEMPLATE is null.
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