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mattmanning / drugwars.txt
Created June 1, 2011 16:09
Drugwars for the TI-82/83/83+ Calculators
Lbl G
Disp " J.M.'S DRUGWAR"," SIMULATION",""," VERSION 2.00",""," JUST SAY NO."
thugcee / sxhkdrc
Last active May 18, 2022 09:46 — forked from jpentland/
Suckless' tabbed integration with BSPWM. This configuration supports joining any two neighbouring windows into a new tabbed, removing windows from tabbed and when last window is from tabbed removed then tabbed instance is closed. This slightly modified `` allows to omit id of the removed window (the current one is removed by default).
# Remove current tab from tabbed
super + mod1 + t; r $(bspc query -N -n focused) remove
# At given direction: join two windows into a new tabbed or add window to an existing tabbed
super + mod1 + t; {Left,Down,Up,Right} $(bspc query -N -n {west,south,north,east}) add $(bspc query -N -n focused)
motorailgun /
Last active June 18, 2024 06:22
Installing Windows and Linux into the same partition

Installing Windows and Linux into the same partition

But WHY?

There was a reddit post about installing Arch on NTFS3 partition. Since Windows and Linux doesn't have directories with same names under the /(C:\), I thought it's possible, and turned out it was actually possible.
If you are not familiar to Linux, for example you've searched on Google "how to dualboot Linux and Windos" or brbrbr... you mustn't try this. This is not practical.


  • UEFI system
  • Any Linux live-boot CD/DVD/USB... with Linux kernel newer than 5.15
  • Windows installer USB