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* Convenience method to resolve a component or a DOM node to a DOM node. If the
* passed in `node` is a React component, the root DOM node of the component is
* returned. If `node` is already a DOM node, that node is returned in itself.
* @param {Object} node A React component or a DOM node
* @return {?Object} a DOM node
var resolveDOMNode = (node) => {
if (!node) {
throw new Error(`
Can't resolve DOM node for an undefined node. The component may not be
initialized, or "Utils.findElement" returned undefined.
if (node.getDOMNode) {
node = node.getDOMNode();
// As of React 0.11.0, components can render as null, which means that they
// are still React components but `getDOMNode()` will return `null`.
if (node === null) {
return null;
if (!(node instanceof HTMLElement)) {
throw new Error(`node is not an HTMLElement, got ${}: ${node.toString()}`);
return node;
module.exports = resolveDOMNode;
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