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Last active Sep 12, 2022
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S-Bot's Privacy Policy

Last updated 05/08/2022

The term "we" refers to S-Bot's developers and project mantainers

The term "our services" refers to S-Bot

What data do we store?

We mainly get data from Discord, through S-Bot. We store Guild IDs, User IDs, Role IDs, Channel IDs and other miscellaneous data (e.g. unix timestamps, prefixes, settings).

Why do we store that data?

We store data to provide functionality to S-Bot and enhance user experience.

How do we use that data?

We use and process the data to enhance user experience by providing custom bot behavior and command functionality.

Is the data we store secure?

Yes; due to the sensivity of the data we store, we apply some strict security measures including but not limited to SSH Authentication and Data Encryption. Everything S-Bot stores is secure and privacy will always be our first priority.

Do we share our data to other services except our databases?

Yes, in some cases, we forward some of the data we have to external APIs, making first sure that the data is and will be not misused, to produce different outputs to send and provide the best experience.

How can user contact us if they have concerns about our application?

Users can contact us privately at to ask us anything about S-Bot and the data it stores.

Can the data we store be deleted?

Of course, the data we store can be deleted at any time. The most easy way to do that is the command named "settings clear", which can be executed by a server owner and cannot be disabled; that command will make S-Bot delete all of the data stored about the guild the user is the owner of. For any other concern about deleting data, user can contact us privately at

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