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When we query our fences we only return the ids of the fences that were returned, therefore we need an endpoint to retrieve the metadata that corresponds to a fence id. This endpoint simply accepts an id, queries the Datastore and returns the metadata of the fence with the corresponding id.
@ApiMethod(name = "getById", httpMethod = "get", path = "getById")
public ArrayList < MyFence > getFenceById(@Named("group") String group, @Named("id") long id) {
DatastoreService datastore = DatastoreServiceFactory.getDatastoreService();
Key fenceKey = KeyFactory.createKey("Geofence", group);
Filter propertyFilter = new FilterPredicate("id", FilterOperator.EQUAL, id);
Query query = new Query("Fence", fenceKey).setFilter(propertyFilter);
Entity fenceFromStore = datastore.prepare(query).asSingleEntity();
ArrayList < MyFence > fences = new ArrayList < MyFence > ();
if (fenceFromStore != null) {
String name = (String) fenceFromStore.getProperty("name");
String description = (String) fenceFromStore.getProperty("description");
Gson gson = new Gson();
Text vText = (Text) fenceFromStore.getProperty("vertices");
String vString = vText.getValue();
double[][] vertices = gson.fromJson(vString, double[][].class);
MyFence tempFence = new MyFence(id, name, group, description, vertices);
return fences;
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