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@tschoffelen tschoffelen/
Created Jul 4, 2014

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Spec Folio API

API Specificatie



Books for category{id}

All categories

Category info{id}

Special categories

Featured books

All the currently featured books and collections


offset		# start at zero and increment with 'limit' for page 2, 3, etc of the results
limit		# amount of results to return, 0 or unspecified returns all results
order		# order results by
		# for books: id_book, id_category, title, author, is_top10, is_editors_tip, is_new_release
		# for categories: id_category,name,description
direction	# direction of order: up, down
Example: is sorted on ascending author name, showing 10 results starting with result 20

rescount	# returns the total amount of results
Example: returns the amount of books with category_ID 1

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