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character1, character2, character3といったAssetBundleから、1枚ずつ取得
using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
using UnityEngine.UI;
public class LoadAssetbundle : MonoBehaviour
IEnumerator Start ()
var image = GetComponent<Image> ();
var assetbundleNames = new string[] { "/character1", "/character2", "/character3" };
yield return new WaitWhile (() => Input.GetMouseButtonDown (0) == false);
float time = Time.realtimeSinceStartup;
// character1, character2, character3といったAssetBundleから、1枚ずつ取得
foreach (var assetbundlename in assetbundleNames) {
var assetbundle = AssetBundle.LoadFromFile (Application.streamingAssetsPath + assetbundlename);
var asset = assetbundle.LoadAsset<Sprite> ("01制服哀");
image.sprite = asset;
assetbundle.Unload (false);
Debug.Log (Time.realtimeSinceStartup - time);
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