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Last active Aug 17, 2018
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Jenkinsfile for component banjo
def label = UUID.randomUUID().toString()
podTemplate(label: label, cloud: 'local cluster',
containers: [
name: 'test',
image: 'jenkins-slave-k8s',
ttyEnabled: true,
command: 'cat')
volumes: [
hostPathVolume(hostPath: '/var/run/docker.sock', mountPath: '/var/run/docker.sock'),
hostPathVolume(hostPath: '/usr/bin/docker', mountPath: '/usr/bin/docker'),
hostPathVolume(hostPath: '/tmp/workspace', mountPath: '/root/workspace')
) {
node(label) {
container('test') {
def project = ''
def appName = ''
def imageTag = "${project}/${appName}:${env.BRANCH_NAME}-${env.BUILD_NUMBER}"
def prodChartRepo = ""
def stageChartRepo = ""
// Holds the test result status
def result
stage("Fetch dependent images") {
notifyBuild('Build started', 'GREEN')
sh("gcloud docker -- pull python:3.6.3-1")
sh("gcloud docker -- pull postgres:test")
sh("gcloud docker -- pull redis:test")
stage("Build image") {
checkout scm
sh("docker build -f Dockerfile -t ${imageTag} .")
env.GIT_TAG_NAME = gitTagName()
env.GIT_TAG_MESSAGE = gitTagMessage()
stage("Test image") {
sh("docker run -d --name postgres-${appName}-${env.BRANCH_NAME}-${env.BUILD_ID} -e POSTGRES_USER=postgres -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=password postgres:test")
sh("docker run -d --name redis-${appName}-${env.BRANCH_NAME}-${env.BUILD_ID} redis:test")
sh ("sleep 10")
def dbId = sh (
script: "docker ps -aqf name=postgres-${appName}-${env.BRANCH_NAME}-${env.BUILD_ID}",
returnStdout: true
def redisId = sh (
script: "docker ps -aqf name=redis-${appName}-${env.BRANCH_NAME}-${env.BUILD_ID}",
returnStdout: true
sh("docker network create ${appName}-${env.BRANCH_NAME}-${env.BUILD_ID}-network")
sh("docker network connect --alias postgres ${appName}-${env.BRANCH_NAME}-${env.BUILD_ID}-network ${dbId}")
sh("docker network connect --alias redis ${appName}-${env.BRANCH_NAME}-${env.BUILD_ID}-network ${redisId}")
result = sh (
script: "docker run --network ${appName}-${env.BRANCH_NAME}-${env.BUILD_ID}-network --name ${appName}-${env.BRANCH_NAME}-${env.BUILD_ID} ${imageTag} /bin/bash -c \"mv banjo/ banjo/ && python test\"",
returnStatus: true
sh("docker stop ${dbId}")
sh("docker stop ${redisId}")
sh("docker rm ${dbId}")
sh("docker rm ${redisId}")
sh("docker network rm ${appName}-${env.BRANCH_NAME}-${env.BUILD_ID}-network")
if (result == 0) {
notifyBuild('Tests passed', 'GREEN')
else {
notifyBuild('Tests failing', 'RED')
stage("Pushing image") {
if ("${env.BRANCH_NAME}" == "master") {
if (result == 0) {
sh("gcloud docker -- push ${imageTag}")
notifyBuild('Pushing image to registry', 'GREEN')
if (forProduction() == true) {
def productionTag = "${project}/${appName}:${env.GIT_TAG_NAME}"
echo "Image for production ${productionTag}"
if (result == 0) {
sh("docker tag ${imageTag} ${productionTag}")
sh("gcloud docker -- push ${productionTag}")
notifyBuild("Image ${productionTag} pushed for release", 'GREEN')
// Create chart for stage and prod
dir("charts") {
sh "helm init --client-only"
// Replace container tag
sh """sed -i \"s/<container_tag_replace>/${env.GIT_TAG_NAME}/g\" banjo/values/prod_values.yaml"""
sh """sed -i \"s/<container_tag_replace>/${env.GIT_TAG_NAME}/g\" banjo-celery/values/prod_values.yaml"""
sh """sed -i \"s/<container_tag_replace>/${env.GIT_TAG_NAME}/g\" banjo-cronjob/values/prod_values.yaml"""
// For production
// Move prod_values file to values
sh("mv banjo/values/prod_values.yaml banjo/values.yaml")
sh("""helm package banjo --version ${env.GIT_TAG_NAME} banjo""")
sh("mv banjo-celery/values/prod_values.yaml banjo-celery/values.yaml")
sh("""helm package banjo-celery --version ${env.GIT_TAG_NAME} banjo-celery""")
sh("mv banjo-cronjob/values/prod_values.yaml banjo-cronjob/values.yaml")
sh("""helm package banjo-cronjob --version ${env.GIT_TAG_NAME} banjo-cronjob""")
// Push to chart repository
sh("""curl -vvv --data-binary "@banjo-${env.GIT_TAG_NAME}.tgz" ${prodChartRepo}""")
sh("""curl -vvv --data-binary "@banjo-celery-${env.GIT_TAG_NAME}.tgz" ${prodChartRepo}""")
sh("""curl -vvv --data-binary "@banjo-cronjob-${env.GIT_TAG_NAME}.tgz" ${prodChartRepo}""")
// For staging
sh """sed -i \"s/<container_tag_replace>/${env.GIT_TAG_NAME}/g\" banjo/values/stage_values.yaml"""
sh """sed -i \"s/<container_tag_replace>/${env.GIT_TAG_NAME}/g\" banjo-celery/values/stage_values.yaml"""
sh """sed -i \"s/<container_tag_replace>/${env.GIT_TAG_NAME}/g\" banjo-cronjob/values/stage_values.yaml"""
// Move stage_values file to values
sh("mv banjo/values/stage_values.yaml banjo/values.yaml")
sh("""helm package banjo --version ${env.GIT_TAG_NAME}-stage banjo""")
sh("mv banjo-celery/values/stage_values.yaml banjo-celery/values.yaml")
sh("""helm package banjo-celery --version ${env.GIT_TAG_NAME}-stage banjo-celery""")
sh("mv banjo-cronjob/values/stage_values.yaml banjo-cronjob/values.yaml")
sh("""helm package banjo-cronjob --version ${env.GIT_TAG_NAME}-stage banjo-cronjob""")
sh("""curl -vvv --data-binary "@banjo-${env.GIT_TAG_NAME}-stage.tgz" ${stageChartRepo}""")
sh("""curl -vvv --data-binary "@banjo-celery-${env.GIT_TAG_NAME}-stage.tgz" ${stageChartRepo}""")
sh("""curl -vvv --data-binary "@banjo-cronjob-${env.GIT_TAG_NAME}-stage.tgz" ${stageChartRepo}""")
notifyBuild("Charts ready to deploy", 'GREEN')
stage("Cleanup") {
// Delete images
sh ("docker stop ${appName}-${env.BRANCH_NAME}-${env.BUILD_ID}")
sh ("docker rmi -f ${imageTag}")
if (forProduction() == true) {
def productionTag = "${project}/${appName}:${env.GIT_TAG_NAME}"
sh ("docker rmi -f ${productionTag}")
if (result != 0) {
currentBuild.result = 'UNSTABLE'
// ********** Helper functions *********** //
def forProduction() {
def matcher = "${env.GIT_TAG_NAME}" =~ /^[0-9]+\.[0-9]+\.[0-9]+/
if( matcher.matches() ) {
return true
return false
/** @return The tag name, or `null` if the current commit isn't a tag. */
String gitTagName() {
commit = getCommit()
if (commit) {
try {
desc = sh(script: "git describe --tags ${commit}", returnStdout: true)?.trim()
if (isTag(desc)) {
return desc
} catch (all) {
return null
return null
/** @return The tag message, or `null` if the current commit isn't a tag. */
String gitTagMessage() {
name = gitTagName()
msg = sh(script: "git tag -n10000 -l ${name}", returnStdout: true)?.trim()
if (msg) {
return msg.substring(name.size()+1, msg.size())
return null
String getCommit() {
return sh(script: 'git rev-parse HEAD', returnStdout: true)?.trim()
boolean isTag(String desc) {
match = desc =~ /.+-[0-9]+-g[0-9A-Fa-f]{6,}$/
result = !match
match = null // prevent serialisation
return result
def notifyBuild(String buildStatus, String color) {
// build status of null means successful
buildStatus = buildStatus ?: 'SUCCESSFUL'
// Default values
def subject = "${buildStatus}: Job '${env.JOB_NAME} [ Branch: ${env.BRANCH_NAME} - ${env.BUILD_NUMBER}]'"
def summary = "${subject} (${env.BUILD_URL})"
// Override default values based on build status
if (color == 'YELLOW') {
colorCode = '#FFFF00'
} else if (color == 'GREEN') {
colorCode = '#00FF00'
} else {
colorCode = '#FF0000'
// Send notifications
slackSend (color: colorCode, message: summary)

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@shashankmehra shashankmehra commented Aug 17, 2018
The command needs to have pull as a parameter. Also cant you express the full path of the docker image using groovy variables like project?

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