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Created Sep 25, 2011

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Geek Lunch Manifesto

Geek Lunch Austin

Welcome to Geek Lunch, Austin. It's a group for local geeks to get together for lunch and talk shop.

Before you jump in, there are a few rules to keep in mind:

  • Membership is open to anyone
  • Any member can organize a lunch
  • Everyone pays for their own lunch (unless the organizer wants to pick up the tab)
  • Lunches can have no more than 6 people (including the organizer)
  • If you RVSP, you've must show up (or there's a penalty)

We're keeping the lunches small. Rather than a meetup group with 40 or 50 or 90 (hi, Austin on Rails) people hanging out and chatting, Geek Lunch is meant to keep everyone around one table so we can have a conversation.

RSVPing for lunch

Our meetups are small. Committing to go with an RSVP means someone else can't go, so make sure you can go before you RSVP.

Two strikes, you're out

If you RSVP for an event and don't go, you get a strike against you. Two strikes, and you're out of the group.

You can cancel your RVSP, you just have to do it at least 1 hour before it starts. So if you're meeting people at 12:30, you can cancel up to 11:30.

You can buy back a strike, but that involves picking up lunch the next time for everyone what made it to the meetup you missed. We're super sophisticated in our tracking of who owes what and how many strikes are against them and such: it's the honor system.

Holding spots at lunch

You can't register and hold spots. For example, if you want three of your coworkers to go with you, leaving two spots open, you can't schedule a lunch with 2 spots. You've got to register your meetup and have your coworkers register to go.

But why do that anyway? The idea is to meet new people. :-)

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