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Last active Sep 11, 2019
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Mixpanel JQL query to do frequency analysis (aka the "power curve")
This query will return a frequency analysis, e.g. number of active days in time window.
If you ask for 28 days, it will give you the # of users who did your event 1 unique day, 2 unique days, etc
in the time window.
function main() {
return Events({
from_date: '2018-07-01',
to_date: '2018-07-28',
event_selectors: [{"event": "YOUR EVENT NAME HERE"}]
.groupByUser([mixpanel.numeric_bucket('time', mixpanel.daily_time_buckets)], mixpanel.reducer.noop())
.groupBy(["key.0"], mixpanel.reducer.count())
.groupBy(["value"], mixpanel.reducer.count())
.map(row => { return { "# active days": row.key[0], "user count": row.value} });
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